Colorado weed tourism. Come smoke legally …

Tour Colorado Weed hooks you up with the finest ganja guides in the state.

Smoke weed without getting arrested

Why come to Colorado?

Duh, Legal weed!

Everyone and his mom grows weed in Colorado.
Everyone knows a master grower.
Everyone knows someone who owns a cannabis dispensary.

How do you know the tour package you’re looking at is
100% legit? That you can be sure it’s going to be a good time?

  • Where to get it

    It makes sense to get in touch with someone who knows the scene if you plan to visit.
  • How to get it

    You must be over 21 to purchase recreational cannabis. Show your ID to make your purchase.
  • Rules Involved

    Tourists may purchase 7 grams at a time. It is legal to smoke on tour buses and in limousines.

Recreational Marijuana LawHow did it happen?

In 2000, Colorado enacted a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana (MMJ). New legislation in 2009 made possible the mass production and distribution of MMJ throughout the state. Dispensaries appeared on virtually every street corner selling weed to patients with prescriptions for it.

Prescriptions were easy to come by even if you weren't sick. This changed Colorado's cannabis culture in profound ways. Instead of smoking weed, people started medicating. People started accepting cannabis as a viable alternative to traditional medical treatments for managing everything from boredom to anxiety, severe pain, and nausea.

On January 1, 2014 Colorado became the very first US state to open its doors to recreational marijuana (RM) sales. Nothing would ever be the same.

Read more about the history of Colorado's medical marijuana laws here.